CEO, Founder

Estee Lixenberg


Esther Lixenberg is a seasoned licensed real estate broker with 20-years of experience in the field.  Esther is also a serial entrepreneur in the jewelry industry, having established Seasonal Whispers and its president, a firm which designs, manufactures in the USA, and sells nationwide its own brand of designer jewelry.  Esther began her career in finance at the Bank of Israel, Barclays, and Bank Leumi in London, and later held an executive role at a labeling and recording company in Israel.

Esther is known to empower people

Esther’s innovative approach to commercial retail real estate makes it possible to change the use of occupancies

Education: University of Tel Aviv, General Studies and Law.


71 Hudson St, New York, NY 10013

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What People Say

Estee is nice, charming, mysterious and sweet. 

I think that it is part of my ability to keep my team working with me for many years and to empower people. I have realized that I have a charm to which people don't say no to me. I am definitely not swagger or self-exaltation.

Estee's success is because she has the courage to leave everything and start all over again and has the courage to invest in real estate. 

As my passion has always been in real estate I became a real estate licensed broker in 2001. I  opened my own brokerage in Tribeca NYC. I have always invested in real estate.